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Title : Top Xenoverse 2 (Top 7 Saturdays) by top Blogger
link : Top Xenoverse 2 (Top 7 Saturdays) by top Blogger

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Top Xenoverse 2 (Top 7 Saturdays) by top Blogger

Hey, here's a feature that isn't dead! With Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on its way, I thought I might make a countdown of different features I'd like to see implemented or changed in the new game. And in light of Tullece and Future Gohan being shown at E3, I'm also going to countdown the characters I'd most like to see make the roster this time. Let's get to it!

7. Less Focus on Clothing for Stats

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, there's a ton of clothing items, and most of them are made up of some of the most iconic outfits in the series. The appeal is obvious; Mix and match to create your own DBZ hero, or dress in the fashion of one of your favorite looks. However, Xenoverse is a hybrid fighting game and RPG, and to be frank, it needs less RPG. Goku's Kame outfit being weaker than his Go outfit, stat wise, doesn't really make sense. Sure, Goku was stronger when he wore the latter, but not because of his clothes. Change this, and lots of people will be happy.

6. Remove RNG drops and replace with more use for in game money

RNG is balls. Get rid of it. Apart from for finding the Dragon Balls themselves, no other DBZ fighter uses RNG -- like the Budokai and Tenkaichi series of games, who use Zeni and Z-Points, respectively, as an in-game money for purchasing all the items and skills you need. You get a lot of Zeni in Xenoverse too, but you don't use it. Throw out the lame RNG on outfits and skills, and just let us buy them instead. Given that Dimps developed Budokai long before Xenoverse, I'd have thought they had this sorted by now, seeing how Budokai's Zeni system is the gold standard.

5. Music from the show

Xenoverse has crap music. No way 'round it. It's samey, mid-tempo rock'n'roll nonsense that Funimation would put under a Dragon Ball Z dub circa 2005. The Japanese versions of the Tenkaichi games have music from the show -- Shunsuke Kikuchi tracks, iconic vocal tracks, Solid State Scouter -- which is really the only proper way to make a soundtrack for a DBZ fighter.

4. More modes for solo play

In Xenoverse, once you've finished the main story, you only have Parallel Quests and Free Battle to take up your time, if you're playing solo. Parallel Quests are where you spend most of your time -- grinding levels and fighting RNG. But those are structured, without much freedom beyond who you pick to play. Free Battle only has marginally more freedom; 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and 3 v 3 are the only modes available to you, and they all come with an unchangeable 5 minute timer on the battle. What? No. Again, in the Tenkaichi series, you could set your timelimit to infinite, and have team battles with up to 5 per team. That's up to, mind, because you could (as I often like to do) play on character and take on five. What's the point of having all the Ginyu Tokusentai playable if I can't beat them all up at once as Son Goku? 

Other modes that would be nice: Tournament Mode, like that in the Budokai games. Survival Mode, where you fight wave upon wave of enemies to see how long you can go, with versions in iconic locations based on difficulty. I.E. Easy - Muscle Tower, Average - Planet Namek, and Hard - Cell Games arena. And finally, a Classic Arcade Ladder-style Mode would be a nice jolt of nostalgia. (Especially if Oozaru Baby Vegeta was the final boss.)

3. More Alt Outfits for Dragon Ball characters

Goku's GT outfit and Yardrat outfit are available to players... but not to Goku. Yamcha's Bandit outfit, Trunks' GT jacket, Gohan's track suit outfit... All available to your player character, but not the characters themselves. If all the art assets exist, I don't understand why we can't have them. Modders have done a great job showing out easy it would be to put our heroes in some of their most iconic gear. Seems like pure laziness for them not to have every weird, niche outfit our favs wore in the show not to show up here. With that in mind...

2. Competitive Customization of Dragon Ball characters

Xenoverse has pretty bad balance when it comes to playable characters. Dimps' goal seemed to be to balance everyone relative to their power in the series... Which, honestly, is boring. They cottoned on by the first DLC, which resulted in all the GT and Resurrection 'F' characters to be insanely overpowered (which is fun in a way, to clean up house as Pan without much effort). But I think a compromise would be to give the premade characters their own levels and stats, like the player character has; And with some love, effort, and trial-and-error, you can level and customize any character to be as relatively tough as any other. Weaker characters in-universe could perhaps start at a lower level, but that will only make it all the sweeter when Max Level Ghurd punches a psychic hole through Broly.

1. Play Instantly as SSJx

I know I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but this shit here is ridiculous. In the original Budokai games, you picked a characters, and got access to their transformations during the fight. But Budokai is more of a traditional fighting game. Tenkaichi, which is a clear cousin of the Xenoverse series, let you pick them already in whichever mode you wanted, and you didn't have to worry about your ki running out and you reverting to normal. It's better. I get immersion and trying to make Super Saiyan feel like a skill and not a cosmetic choice, but like with character balance, they seemed to back off this once they got to DLCs. Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4 can be picked and played on their own. But SSJ1, 2, and 3 are a skill to use in battle, and a skill that doesn't even last very long (especially compared to Budokai 3, where your ki only drained while transformed if you used it, and you only reverted if you were knocked down or stunned while below a ki threshold).

Basically, give Xenoverse the polish and love Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 3 have. (Maybe we'll have to wait for Xenoverse 3...)

And now, for my Top 7 characters that need to be added to the roster.

7. #16

6. Kaioshin of Time

5. Chichi

4. Baby

3. Arale

2. Tao Pai Pai

1. Piccolo Daimao

Now hop to it, Dimps.

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