Top A Visit From Lord Freeza by top Blogger

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Title : Top A Visit From Lord Freeza by top Blogger
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Top A Visit From Lord Freeza by top Blogger

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Planet,
Nary a creature was stirring, not even a Namek.
The Earthlings fled from the invaders by air,
In the hopes that Son Goku would soon be there.
The Ginyus did dance and show off their pose,
While Bulma fought off a giant crab and some bros.
With Nail on the floor, urging Piccolo not to resist,
They merged into one, shouting 'I can do this'.
When mere feet from the Earthlings, there arrived in a hurry,
The one and only Lord Freeza, burning with fury.
Away like a pussy, Prince Vegeta stepped on the gas,
But Freeza caught up, and stomped his candy ass.
His horn through the breast of the most feeble Kuririn,
Who still tried heaps more than Vegeta to fight this villain.
When what, to mine wondering eyes did appear?
But Son Goku was there, showing no fear.
But powerful was Lord Freeza, crackling like a storm,
'Gentlemen, you see - this isn't even my final form!'
More rapid than eagles, their punches, they came,
Grunting and shouting, and calling out their attacks by name.
'Now, Death Beam! Now, Death Ray! Now, Death Ball, and die!'
'Come, trees! Come, fields! Lend me your Genki and fly!'
'To the core of the earth! To the bowels of this place!'
'You'll die with this planet - while I breathe in space!'
But Lord Freeza was caught in some new found drama,
As he was put in the ground by Son Goku's Genki Dama.
Then up to the sky - it's Kuririn! - he flew,
Cold Freeza snuffed out his life, with a final scream for Goku.
With fury and anguished did the Saiyan Warrior mourn,
Until such time as the legendary warrior was born.
And Lord Freeza realized, as he witnessed Goku's golden brow,
'Well, I done fucked up now.'
He beat Freeza all over, from his head to his foot,
And did so without speaking, or feeling, or other input.
'Just who are you?!' Freeza screamed at this Saiyan upstart,
'I'm a warrior of rage, born of a righteous heart.'
With no other recourse, Freeza chucked his Death Ball below.
'Now you just have five minutes before Namek esplodes.'
Freeza's muscles then rippled, bulging with augment.
'Now fight me, you monkey, at one-hundred percent!'
In the air did collide, exchanging blow for blow,
But the planet can't explode yet, when we have four stanzas to go.
Even going one-hundred, Freeza still was no match,
'I'm done.' Goku said, 'I've got a spaceship to catch.'
But that was too much, too much humiliation to endure.
He had one last attack to kill Son Goku, he was sure.
But his plan backfired, slicing Freeza in half,
But still bound and determined he was to have the last laugh.
With anger and pity, Son Goku lashed back,
And with a curdling scream, Freeza felt his final attack.
But I heard him exclaim, ere the planet blew out of sight,
'I'll keep coming back for revenge, monkey! No matter how trite!'

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